Inventurdienstleister Vajasoft

Inventory made easy with Vajasoft AIS, the asset inventory system

From the components: software, interfaces, mobile scanners, label printers and marking elements, Vajasoft forms the modular solution for your individual requirements. A standard system, but individual. This supports all phases of inventory and also enables value-added asset lifecycle management.

Grown through practice

No inventory system on the market has done more inventory work! In the course of numerous inventories and projects, valuable experience from each individual project has been incorporated into Vajasoft AIS.


time and cost saving

IAS/IFRS and HGB compliant

Your assets clearly in your view

Tag your assets and inventories with machine-readable barcode labels or radio RFID tags. With scanning via industrial scanner or smartphone app, you then complete the inventory at maximum speed. With Vajasoft AIS as a collection platform of change notifications, you keep up to date without hindering your and your colleagues’ work. In a further expansion stage, permanent inventory tracking can also be integrated into the system.

Simple operation

With a modern interface that can be customized by each user, the integrated help and simple, clear user guidance, inventory is still not child’s play, but it is fast and safe!

High degree of automation

Taking inventory with a scanner or mobile app already takes away a lot of error-prone manual work. To this end, Vajasoft AIS can automate data exchange with external systems and digitize other paper-heavy processes.

Modular structure

The core of the inventory system can be easily expanded via add-on modules. Support the dispatch of inventory labels digitally, automate data exchange with external systems, or digitize release and confirmation processes via the ASSET24 reporting portal.

Not just an asset accounting task

All employees involved in the lifecycle of an inventory or movable assets have the appropriate tools at their disposal: Commercial, Technical, Procurement, Administrative or more. New ideas are also welcome!

Simple administration

Your future system will be configured at Vajasoft ready for installation and delivered as a complete setup package. This means that the solution is ready for use at your site after just a few minutes. This and generally short project runtimes save your resources.

Control station for your asset inventory

Vajasoft AIS acts as a communication center between asset accounting and mobile capture devices. With reporting, our asset inventory system provides support for initiating follow-up processes. Reports can be designed by the users themselves. If things have to go quickly or become complex, we are of course also at your side.

Vajasoft AIS – The control station for your inventory!
Vajasoft AIS – The control station for your inventory!

As an add-on module to your fixed asset accounting, Vajasoft AIS is the intuitive working environment for qualified personnel to prepare and follow-up inventories and as a checking instance for the inventory result. Vajasoft AIS is the control center between asset accounting, mobile inventory taking and the operational users of movable assets and inventories - efficient, multifunctional and field-proven.

Vajasoft AIS – smart and mobile
Vajasoft AIS – smart and mobile

Scan your assets easily, quickly and securely with the AIS Mobile app, using either rugged industrial scanners or your smartphone. By means of a stringent user guidance, you collect exactly the information you want into your inventory result via the app. This way you know when, where - in the office, production or even in the last basement room - and by whom inventory was taken, you get additional information or even a photo of the inventory.

From needs analysis and training to support and software maintenance: The Vajasoft all-round service - everything complete, if you like.

Is inventory your job? We will support you all the way!

As a strong partner with many years of experience in the field of inventory, we support you in all areas: From planning to the inventory result and also in the continuous updating of your asset or inventory master.

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