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Added value for more than one business unit

The interest around an inventory item has many facets. We have the right solutions for the requirements from the various sectors. Depending on the company and the tasks, the modules can be combined as required.

Inventory in only 2:44 min

Join Karl in his task of taking inventory.

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What matters - We are at your side with our experience from tens of thousands of hours of inventory execution in virtually every industry.


The headlines to inventories are almost all the same, while the details are always very individual. We consult you on the basis of your requirements, take into account your historically evolved processes and work with you to develop a coordinated concept and detailed instructions for action.


The inventory result is a snapshot and always a task of diligence. Be inspired and create the basis for a future-oriented asset lifecycle management with the objective: Less effort in the future!


Whether with barcode, RFID or BLE – we have the right software to inventory and track your assets and inventory.


We do it for you! We provide you with tailored support in the form of personnel, equipment and software. We deliver your inventory result free of charge, because we love inventories!

Inventory! Your task? We will not let you down!

As a strong partner with many years of experience in all aspects of asset inventory, we support you in all sub-areas – from planning to inventory results, including the continuous updating of your inventory data.